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Hello, I'm


Product/ Visual Designer with a background in animation and visual effects for movies.
I’m a storyteller and designer rolled into one.
I live for creative bursts, intelligent design and bringing visions to life.


About Me.

Born in India, I kicked off my adventure in animation, bringing characters to life in the vibrant world of Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Soon I snagged an internship in Singapore, working on the Oscar-winning flick, Rango.

From there, I leapfrogged into the mesmerizing realm of VFX, sprinkling my creative magic over more than 20 blockbuster movies. My career compass whisked me across continents—Singapore, Montreal, London, and then Toronto, where I hit pause for a bit to take care of my little one.

During that sabbatical, I unleashed my creative prowess through freelance gigs while diving headfirst into the exciting universe of UX/UI Design. It was a game-changer! Landing a gig with a web3 Blockchain Company, I became their Swiss Army knife—handling everything from product design to branding, marketing, content strategy, and even mastering the secrets of SEO.

But wait, there is more! Lately, I've been on a rollercoaster journey into the world of AI and It's like unlocking a whole new dimension of creativity and problem-solving.

Places I have lived in the past 17 years!

Hard Skills

UX/UI Design
Visual Design
Editorial Design
Social Media Design
Marketing Strategy
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Website Optimization
SEO & Google Analytics

Soft Skills

Attention to Details
Critical Thinking
Time Management

What I bring to the table

Ready to transform pixels into purpose?
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Thank you for reaching out!

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